So this is my first blog post, and already I'm struggling to decide what to write about, should i start perhaps with a trackback to someone else's blog, or just rant about something that i care about, maybe i should just talk about who i am and what i do, but would anyone care about that? anyway i've already done that here . So maybe i'll talk a bit about blogging in general in the Geospatial industry.

It seems to me that there are already a few good blogs in the GIS industry, and its interesting to see where they are coming from, almost all of them with the notable exception of Ed's blog are from abroad, mostly the states, and most of them seem to be from developers. Maybe its just the ones I'm interested in but a lot of them are related to ESRI Technology or business partners, my links page has a whole bunch of those that i read regularly. It ws good to see the interest that there was in blogging both at the user conference and the developer conference this year, and was probably the second time that i really noticed the blog phenomenon taking off in the geospatial world. The first sign was obviously the whole google earth/google maps thing, which i think must be responsible for the majority of geospatial related blogs around.

Its a shame to see that there are so few bloggers from the UK geospatial world, so maybe thats one of the reasons for this blog. I wonder if its a business culture issue in the UK, or just the fact that the number of people (though not necessarily influence) in the industry is so proportionately less here. A lot of people like to criticise Microsoft, but they are one of the companies at the forefront of corporate blogging, and i have always found the blogs on msdn one of the most useful development resources, however the last year or so has seen this trend spread and every month there seem to be new blogs from ESRI development people, the only criticism i would have is that they are often hard to find. I was also going to criticise the fact that quite a few of them are a bit sporadic, but then again I'll wait and see how well i get on first, as writing useful blogs entries is a time consuming process (well I assume it is, I'll find out when I actually write one) and they are all rather busy at the moment trying to finish up 9.2 or working on the next couple of releases after that. Anyway it will be interesting to see whether there will be more uk based blogs or whether i manage to write anything useful or even keep up the blogging at all.