Been so busy lately that I've not had time to blog, anyway went to the oracle spatial sig a couple of weeks ago, it wasn't the best one i've been to as it focused mostly on Oracle Map viewer, which although its interesting to see where they are at, is not something I'm likely to use.

Most of the presentations were from customers using various versions of MapViewer or, other internet map servers with an oracle spatial back end. Its an Oracle thing so the focus was mostly on java sites. Albert did an interesting talk and demo on whats coming in Version 11, seems to be much the same as everyone else is doing, with Ajax, map tiling etc. I felt kind of sorry for the poor guy from espatial who came after Albert and did a demo of their java map components, which seemed rather old hat after the new oracle stuff. Normally these things are supposed to be user focused rather than vendor based, but every now and then you get a vendor managing to piggyback on a user presentation and do a marketing/techy talk. I don't think its an issue but it would probably be better to make it officially a vendor talk rather than having to disguise it behind a user presentation. The most interesting talk came at the end and wasn't anything to do with oracle at all (other than the back end data store) it was by Ian Holt of O.S. about the second phase of the magnesium project. Hopefully the next SIG will be better , I'm more interested in the oracle spatial bit and what we can do to tune these things better.