For some reason I always end up needing to use the next version of what ever it is I'm trying to do. I don't know whether its that i really need to because the solution to my problem, or someones requirements just happens to be met by something that's not quite ready yet, or whether i just think that's the case and go for the next version as a quick solution. When i worked in our pre-sales group i would invariably find that any tender document would always have a few requirements that could only be met by the next version of our software currently in beta. It was never anything that needed 2 versions ahead, I never really knew why this was the case. Maybe an idea gets popular, then people start putting it as a requirement, and at the same time it gets into the design for the next release, which always takes longer than a requirements doc to write.

Maybe I've got a short attention span and keep needing something new. As I write this I'm just updating the red-hat Linux partition on my laptop to Ubuntu, I've no idea why really other than because it looks good. I've also just noticed that Vista Beta 2 is released, so i probably will not be able to stop myself downloading that and installing it on my media pc which will invariably break what is currently a very reliable system.

The project I'm currently working on and have been since December is based entirely on ArcGIS 9.2 and we are using pretty much every bit of software and most of the "new" things in 9.2. This is definitely an exciting and interesting project to work on, but every now and then I wonder if actually it might be nicer to work with a fully released and well tried and tested version of software. But then again how boring would that be.