So far I’ve been using the on-line rich text editor for writing these entries, but I’ve found it sometimes a little slow, and on at least 2 occasions I’ve lost what I’ve been typing in, which is very annoying, Also the spell checker is very limited, you cant add your own words or use a custom dictionary. So i thought I’d look for a simple offline editor, that integrates nicely with the WordPress API. So I’m writing this using the latest Dev edition of Zoundry, and it seems to be pretty good. It can manage the on-line and offline archive of posts and also manage file and image uploads


It lets you preview your post in the correct style-sheet. It supports track-backs and tags as well. It’s free too, and works with Blogger and obviously Zoundry as well. You don’t have to have a zoundry account. Its currently a beta version, but if your reading this post then so far so good.