Today was very quiet in the office, with most of the team on-site installing stuff, testing and preparing for training, the rest of the office seemed pretty quiet too, and I realised that it is exactly 6 months to the day since we moved into our new grown up office at Millennium House


The office move was a fairly big deal for those of us based in Aylesbury, moving from the confusing\charming warren of Prebendal house, and the various offices in prebendal court to a large open plan modern office.

At Prebendal House no single room had more than about 10 people in it, so you tended to have fairly close knit teams, and each office would have it own distinct character. It could be quite fun but maybe unproductive in some offices, and very quiet studious in others. Now however Consultancy is all based on a single floor with room for about 60 people, and I think in general it is much quieter, as people don’t want to disturb others, but at the same time you get to see a lot more people more often, and communication between the different groups is much better. It takes a while to settle in to a new environment, I’m not sure that everyone prefers it, and it is maybe a little less fun than the previous office, but i think on the whole it is an improvement with much better facilities and much better integration between groups.