I spotted this article on ZDNet recently, looking at how successful or not the different google vertical markets have been.


The table they present seems to show that Google earth has 0.22% of market share and that Google maps has 0.82% of market share. I presume the figures are actually based on share of the google brand not share of the individual markets such as online maps or interactive 3D globe viewers (Is this a market in its own right now….) which is what the article implies. its not easy to tell what the table is based on, but if search trends are anything to go by its not looking too bad for Google earth at least, in maps they are still behind mapquest.

googletrends.png googlemapstrends.png

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So is it all media/blog/industry hype or have google earth and google maps really stormed the market, or created a new ones? Most "normal" people i know have seen or heard of google maps but not many have ever heard of ESRI, so if they were in the market for a 3D visualisation tool I'm pretty sure i know where they would end up.

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