Well they always say that if you write a blog, it doesn’t matter what subject you theoretically focus on you will invariably just end up blogging about other blogs. So in the best traditions of blogging this blog is all about blogs.

Reading peoples reports of the geoblogger meetup at the UC this year and at where 2.0 got me wondering what would happen if you tried to do the same in the UK. The basic conclusion I came to was that there probably wouldnt be very many people turning up. Not because there are no blogs at all, but the few that there are cover an amazing diversity of subjects with not much overlap, and it would be hard to think of a UK event that would have more than a couple of people at. I guess the biggest traditional GI event would be the AGI conference in september but even then i’m not sure there would be many bloggers, there may be more at some of the opengeodata events, which seems to have a pretty vibrant community building up around it.

Its perfectly possible that I’m just not paying attention and there are hundreds of UK based geoblogs out there that i haven’t yet found. It may also be that blogs are not so popular in the UK, perhaps we prefer keeping ourselves to ourselves here. However there are a number of popular mail lists here that have quite vocal people on but not so many blogs.

Does it matter where bloggers are based? It seems like the majority of things that people talk about are technology based and have broad international appeal, so some of the blogs I’ve listed below you’d be hard pressed to know they were UK based, and I’m sure there are others that are UK based but no-one knows. I did find http://geoblogger.eu/ which has a good list of european blogs in many languages.

I’m sure there are plenty of subjects that are of interest to the UK only, both technology such as working with UK projections or UK specific Data and organisational or even just events information, but not many people post about these. Maybe there are not many people in the UK who read blogs for local GI news, I have to say that most of the comments I have had left or emailed on my blog have not been from the UK.

Anyway below is a short list of blogs that are uk based (i think) that could be called geoblogs. I’m sure people will point me at hundreds more, but this is a start.