Well it seems like Ed has tagged me, in this scheme which I’m wondering whether is a very subtle Google ads pyramid scheme started off by someone at the top of the chain, but anyway I’ll oblige and tell you five things about me that you don’t (need to ) know, as this is a GI blog I’ve kept that theme and given you a little geocoding puzzle to solve.

1)   I was Born somewhat prematurely in 1973 and so far I seem to be the only Dominic Stubbins in the world (well on Google anyway), I was born  here:


2)  I don’t have fully opposable thumbs, but despite that I grew up, and developed my geekiness tendencies  here:


3)   I first came across digital mapping systems when doing work experience at a sweatshop doing digitisation of the OS Landline maps for British Gas. I didn’t have an auspicious start as my main job was to refill the industrial size pen plotters used for test plots, but I didn’t realise it was important that the correct coloured pens were in the right caddy.  That was here:


4)  I first used GIS in anger at University, mainly Unix based ArcInfo back before there was a distinction between workstation and desktop  here:


5) I’m getting married in a few weeks and after that you might be able to locate me somewhere in

GB 100105

Lat/longs on a postcard please, most of them should be fairly obvious especially if you cheat and use a search engine, although I guess it shows the importance of metadata.  The first one is interesting as TOIDS are supposed to be the new way of information sharing, but I wonder how much it costs to geocode the single toid I’ve given to a lat,long without purchasing a full mastermap coverage.

I believe the correct etiquette is to pass these tags along, so in no particular order.

Matt, Art and Andrea