I am a solution(s) Architect at ESRI(UK) which means that mostly i get to read tender documents, project plans, requirements definitions and other assorted bits of paper, and then draw lots of colourful pictures in visio or uml. Sometimes if I'm lucky i get to write some code, but usually i just watch others do it (better), and occaisonally try to help them think of different ways to do it.
My Area of "expertise" is Enterprise GIS systems, which generally means i have to know a little bit about everything, and be an expert at nothing. I've worked at ESRI(UK) for over 7 years now and seen it grow from a company of 50 people and 2 offices to 400 people and 7 offices and I've enjoyed pretty much all of it. I started work in presales now renamed Technical Solutions Group (TSG) where i spent my time supporting the sales team demonstrating Internet and Database technologies such as ArcIMS and ArcSDE, i then moved into our consultancy group as Technical Lead of our Hosted Internet Services Group (ISG) looking after our services such as MapsDirect and Searchflow and finally to my current role.

When I'm not at work, I'm probably stuck in traffic or at home where I will no doubt be avoiding some DIY chore or another by messing around with computers, particularly media center/HTPC related things, usually explaining to my other half why due to the fact that i tried to upgrade some esoteric component somewhere, the precariously balanced stack of technology has failed yet again to record a vital episode of E.R.

What is this blog about? Well it seems like everyone is doing it and I'm a regular reader of many blogs on a range of subjects, many of which i sometimes disagree with, so it seemed like a good idea to have a place to air my (admittedly inconsequential) views, on a range of subjects, and also as a useful place to collect links to some of the many interesting articles and posts that i stumble upon each day when traversing the Internet. I'm guessing this blog will probably focus mostly on my professional interest in GIS and software development or my personal interests in PC and Media technologies (I'm not #1 on the esriuk geek league for nothing!), but who knows maybe I'll get bored and stop posting in a month.

I suppose I should make the usual statement about everything on this blog being my own personal views, and not representing the views of my employer in any way whatsoever. I'm lucky enough to work for one of the largest GIS vendors in the UK, and obviously have an inside track to the mothership in the U.S. however we are a seperate company, and i have to abide by the same rules as customers when it comes to NDA's and beta software etc.

Anyway thats probably enough about this blog for the moment, so I shall start posting now

Dominic Stubbins


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